About Me

My first confirmed drawing is from when I was three.

I drew a train. I was obsessed with them (original, I know). This obsession was how my parents knew it was actually a picture of a train and not what I imagine it was: a box with squiggles coming out the top. Nevertheless, my parents were impressed and I fed off those positive vibes.

I’ve since moved away from trains. Your threes are a lot different from your twenties. I’m just in a different place now.

This isn't the real picture I drew.
Funny guy say funny thing.

Art is so subjective. If you don’t agree, you’re wrong.

Great art demands to be taken seriously, please.

Some people describe their art as a reflection of the world… or society… or sociology, or something.

Other people think of art as an intimate reflection of themselves. Like standing in front of a mirror with no pants on.

My motto is: “draw funny guy saying funny thing.”

Ok, time to get semi-serious. Who am I and what do I do?

I’m an Illustrator and Artist living in Los Angeles. My work is often a strange mix of realism and cartoons. I especially love drawing people- a side effect of which is that I study people’s faces when they’re not looking. If you’re looking for an illustrator I would love to work with you!

I know this bio probably felt like a long train of thought, but aren’t websites ultimately just boxes and squiggles?

It took so long to take this pic I just started laughing super hard.