“I Have One Secret!”

I guess I like keeping secrets…

…because my freshman year of college I tried to hide my birthday from all my new friends. I deleted it on Facebook, I texted multiple close friends instructing them to keep the date under wraps, and I told everyone different incorrect dates whenever they asked about it. They all found out anyway.

At the surprise party they planned for me, someone asked why I had been so secretive. I told them I thought it would be funny if no one remembered my birthday. Everyone thought that was sad and not funny.

But isn’t that kinda what makes it funny? Sad on your birthday is funny.

Here’s another secret: that story has nothing to do with the content of this sketchbook (other than the fact that it was about secrets.) Just wanted to tell it. Anyways, here’s some art…

Published by

Zac Alsens

Artist and Illustrator

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