“I Have One Secret!”

I guess I like keeping secrets…

…because my freshman year of college I tried to hide my birthday from all my new friends. I deleted it on Facebook, I texted multiple close friends instructing them to keep the date under wraps, and I told everyone different incorrect dates whenever they asked about it. They all found out anyway.

At the surprise party they planned for me, someone asked why I had been so secretive. I told them I thought it would be funny if no one remembered my birthday. Everyone thought that was sad and not funny.

But isn’t that kinda what makes it funny? Sad on your birthday is funny.

Here’s another secret: that story has nothing to do with the content of this sketchbook (other than the fact that it was about secrets.) Just wanted to tell it. Anyways, here’s some art…

“Skeleton Woes”

The only good thing about the second worst job I ever had was how much time I had to draw.

I would sit in my creaky chair, prop my phone up on the printer, find a picture of a friend on Instagram, and start inking. If anyone came in they would be greeted by me, hunched over and spaced out. I’d practically have to slap myself out of my hyper-focused trance and go un-clog a toilet or something. Afterwards I’d trudge back and pick it back up.

Ironically I was one of the better employees there.

Hope you enjoy the sketches of a bored man at a dead end job with too much time on his hands.

“If U Do Drugs?”

This sketchbook has big “I’m trying to impress you” energy.

I picked it up at Blick with my then-new now-old girlfriend (she’s not old, the relationship is). It was my junior year of college and at that point I hadn’t done any serious drawing in a couple years. I thought a good way to impress her would be to fill up a sketchbook and show off my talent. I was also trying to make her laugh which explains why this sketchbook turned into what it is: a quirky, colorful, often unsettling attempt to woo a beautiful girl.

We’re still together, so I’m gonna go ahead and give this sketchbook some credit.

I’ve selected some impressive ones.

“Trust Your Instincts”

A work in progress…

…like me! (is what I would say if I were a fleshy pulsating ball of basic-ness).

But you know what, it’s true (dammit). In addition to not being finished, this sketchbook marks a major time of transition in my life. I started it on my last day at the second worst job I ever had. I sketched the first page knowing that every page after would never be defined by the depressing fluorescent dinginess of that office. These pieces are more focused and polished than some of my previous work. I can actually see my mind clearing and creativity coming back when I flip through this one.

The wonders leaving a shitty job can do for your mental health!

This sketchbook actually isn’t finished, so I’ll be adding more as time goes on. Let’s see where this goes!